Houston Chronicle

As some Houstonians pay $1K for World Series seat, homeless residents earn $5 an hour to park their cars

‘I’m a Texan. Not trash:’ Austin’s homeless navigate the battle between the city and Greg Abbott

How to survive homeless on the streets of Houston

‘I could go ahead and lose my mind’: Nearly two years after Harvey, the wait for help takes a toll

Residents live with mold, sewage at low-income Galveston housing complex

Abuse of Faith: Missionaries left trail of abuse, but leaders stayed quiet

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Spirit of Fear: An investigation into sexual abuse and shuffling of abusers in independent fundamental Baptist churches (the series has led to multiple arrests and was a Livingston finalist)

Part One: Hundreds of sex abuse allegations found in fundamental Baptist churches across U.S.

Part Two: These 'men of God' sexually abused children. Then they found refuge at other churches.

Part Three: 'It ruined me.' Former independent fundamental Baptists describe life inside the church

Part Four: In their words

Southern Baptist officials knew of sexual abuse allegations 11 years before leader's arrest

Impact: The International Mission Board began a study into how it handled sexual abuse

Women say ex-Fort Worth youth pastor abused them as teens. 37 years later, he finally resigns


What Are We Going to Do About Tyler?

Impact: Mississippi Takes Steps to End Damning Delays in Evaluating Criminal Defendants

Accompanying documentary (partnered with BBC)

Accompanying story: Doing Less With Less: Mental Health Care in Mississippi

Accompanying story: Taking Care to Get a Mississippi Scandal Right

In Connecticut, Calling for Help Carries Risks for Victims of Domestic Violence

Impact: Connecticut Set to End “Dual Arrests” in Domestic Violence Cases

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Lawsuits accuse Phila. police of resuming "nickel rides" (This story led to the Philadelphia Police Department investigating transport practices and was cited in The Atlantic, The L.A. Times, and Buzzfeed.)