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24 hours in the Champagne Room

She was an ER nurse who spent life on her feet. Then she got COVID — and never got better.

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Seven days in a hurricane zone

Beryl was the weakest a hurricane could be. Why does it feel like Houston isn't the same?


What are we going to do about Tyler?

Tyler Haire was locked up at 16. What happened next is a Mississippi scandal.


Spirit of fear

Parishioners faced rampant sexual abuse. The network of churches and schools has covered up the crimes. Now the HBO series "Let Us Prey."


Santa's blue Christmas

He plays the jolliest man in the world. He's just endured the hardest year of his life.


Inside a storm that stunned Houston

One storm, two families and the choices that changed everything.


The ballad of the armadillo

How one leathery critter became as iconic — and controversial — as Texas itself


Living Hell

How lack of oversight at every level of government creates a failing public housing system.


Becoming Beau

Beau went to an all-girls Catholic school. But Beau knew: He was a boy.

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